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Cell Phone: 214-205-0124 Website: This One Time at Band Camp

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“Creating Home Based Business Prosperity & Financial Freedom”

Electricity and Natural Gas Services

This Is Who I Am…

My prior path was 6 years of Undergraduate/Masters Degrees that left me with $1,000’s in debt. After 3.5 years of a part time effort, I had replaced my teaching income. I now have created a lifelong passive income that surpassed a 30-40 year retirement income teaching. The billboard the company put my wife and I on in Dallas said….”Ambit Energy turned my 40 year plan into a 5 year plan.”

Outside of my passion for helping others achieve their financial goals, I love to spend quality time with my wife and two children. We also are very passionate about the many ministries of our local Church.

This Is WHO I Help…

I look for open minded individuals who know they are meant for more but haven’t yet found the combination of timing, opportunity and leadership to deliver results. We can help any person succeed with any background or level of experience because we only do 2 simple things. 90% of my partners start on a part time basis as they still have a full time job and other responsibilities.

This Is HOW I Help…

I EDUCATE my sphere of influence on the merits of Direct Selling and how this 100+ year old industry has made more BILLIONS in annual revenue than the entire GLOBAL movie and music industry combined. The power of Word of Mouth Advertising is here to stay.

Discover how to turn an hour a day into a lifetime of pure passive income, 5 minute video reveals the formula…

Introduce Jarrad to:
1) those who are interested in a career that uses Networking, Internet & Word of Mouth Marketing
2) those who want to work in an environment that offers Leadership Development and Training
Energy Efficiency
3) those who are passionate about Sustainable and Renewable Energy
4) those who want to save money on their electricity or gas services
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