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Former Leadership – Emeritus Members
“Creating Home Based Business Prosperity & Financial Freedom”

Electricity and Natural Gas Services

This Is Who I Am…

My prior path was 6 years of Undergraduate/Masters Degrees that left me with $1,000’s in debt. After 3.5 years of a part time effort, I had replaced my teaching income. I now have created a lifelong passive income that surpassed a 30-40 year retirement income teaching. The billboard the company put my wife and I on in Dallas said….”Ambit Energy turned my 40 year plan into a 5 year plan.”

Outside of my passion for helping others achieve their financial goals, I love to spend quality time with my wife and two children. We also are very passionate about the many ministries of our local Church.

This Is WHO I Help…

I look for open minded individuals who know they are meant for more but haven’t yet found the combination of timing, opportunity and leadership to deliver results. We can help any person succeed with any background or level of experience because we only do 2 simple things. 90% of my partners start on a part time basis as they still have a full time job and other responsibilities.

This Is HOW I Help…

I EDUCATE my sphere of influence on the merits of Direct Selling and how this 100+ year old industry has made more BILLIONS in annual revenue than the entire GLOBAL movie and music industry combined. The power of Word of Mouth Advertising is here to stay.

Discover how to turn an hour a day into a lifetime of pure passive income, 5 minute video reveals the formula…

Introduce Jarrad to:
1) those who are interested in a career that uses Networking, Internet & Word of Mouth Marketing
2) those who want to work in an environment that offers Leadership Development and Training
Energy Efficiency
3) those who are passionate about Sustainable and Renewable Energy
4) those who want to save money on their electricity or gas services
Categories: Electricity, Energy
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Voice Actor
Master of Ceremonies
Susan is a true original. A spirited, free thinking voiceover actor with a great sense of humor and a sincere quirkiness.
Vocally, she can be whoever you want her to be but she’s all heart no matter the character or performance. She’s a risk taker and a giver. A larger than life personality that brings unforgettable energy and enthusiasm to every project.
Although Susan still occasionally performs stand-up comedy, she mostly works in her home studio in Dallas, TX. An avid traveler, you can often find Susan in a slew of recording facilities around the globe.
Susan has trained with some of the best voiceover coaches in the industry including Bob Bergen, Gabby Nistico, James Alberger & Penny Abshire, Pat Fraley, Elley Ray Hennessy, Marc Cashman, MJ Lallo, Bill Holmes and Vanessa Hart.
Introduce Susan to:
1) creative directors that might be interesed in voice talent,
2) advertising agencies,
3) videographers,
4) film producers,
5) animation artists and companies,
6) screen writers,
7) narration opportunities.
Categories: Marketing, Voice Actor
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301 S, Cedar Dr Allen Texas 75002-2818 Cell Phone: 214-727-3106 Website:

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish!”

Financial Professional
Medicare Specialist
Andy wants to be your financial advisor through all the stages of your life. Whether you’re just starting to plan for your financial future or whether you’re reaching retirement, Andy can guide you. Ask him about investments and Medicare.

Introduce Andy to:
1) individuals who want to plan for retirement,
2) parents who want to save for their child/childrens college education
3) those who are getting close to 65 and want to plan for medicare
Categories: Financial Services, Medicare Specialist
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Cell Phone: 209-636-3975 Website: Booking Link: Book an Appointment

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“Your Networking and Marketing Coach; Connecting You to Who You Want to Know”

Business Strategist
Marketing Coach & Agency
Networking Coach
Christine is the founder and operator of DFW Networking Diva and loves to work with solopreneurs, business owners, and nonprofits. A master strategist, Christine will clarify your vision and develop it into a viable scalable business with repeatable systems, then connect you to power partners and resources, and help you design and execute marketing plans. Christine’s coaching process ignites your passion and renews your enthusiasm for achieving your goals of more success!
She offers: 1) Consulting to those who need business strategy, marketing, and networking in the form of fractional CMO / Director of Marketing, 2) Coaching sessions for clients who want to learn how to do it on their own or their team needs to be trained, and 3) DONE-4-U Marketing services for those who want to outsource their marketing to specialists.
There’s nothing Christine enjoys more than offering marketing consultations; She loves to see a vision come to life!​​​​
Christine is also the Marketing Director for the DFW Veterans Chamber of Commerce.
Introduce Christine to small business owners, coaches, nonprofits, and Veterans:
1) that are start ups and need help getting their business started,
2) that are ready to grow their business to the next level,
3) who are experiencing growing pains and need to start outsourcing work.
Categories: Business Coach, Marketing, Nonprofit
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Cell Phone: 972-591-7333

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Life Wave
“Pain management and healthier living”
Pain Relief
Better Sleep
Casey is passionate about improving people’s quality of life through phototherapy Life Wave patches. The patches can help with pain relief, sleep, energy, and feeling and looking younger.
Introduce Casey to:
1) People who are in pain
2) People who say they don’t sleep well
3) People who seem tired all the time
Categories: Pain Management
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Cell Phone: 214-395-4820 Website:

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“Buying, selling or leasing a home doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Residential Real Estate  & Property Managment
With 17 years of experience, George is a dedicated real estate professionals in the Plano area. His personal goal is to simplify the process of buying and selling real estate, and to satisfy everyone’s needs to the best of his ability. Real Care Realty uses the latest technology to understand the current market and to make the connections necessary for success. Be sure to use their website when searching for local DFW homes. George works with both buyers and sellers, first time buyers, investors, foreclosures, and short sales. He is also an experienced property manager.
Introduce George to:
1) potential homebuyers or sellers,
2) soon to be empty nesters,
3) families who have outgrown their current home,
4) renters who are unhappy where they are renting,
5) investors who flip homes,
6) investors who purchase homes for rental properties.
Categories: Property Management, Realtor
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2770 Main Street Suite 127 Frisco Texas 75033 Cell Phone: 214-244-2535

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“If you think the cost of a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur!”

Certified Public Accountant
Certified Fraud Examiner
Forensic Accountant
Robert Gralla is a Certified Public Account, a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Forensic Accountant with over 25 years of experience in tax, accounting and business. He specializes in small business taxes and accounting, as well as small business startups and helping individuals navigate their way thru the complex tax rules and regulations. He also helps non-profit entities in their startup and beginning phases of operation. In addition, Mr. Gralla works on business fraud cases. With his forensic accounting skills, an eye for detail and a nose like a bloodhound, he has helped business owners and attorneys get the proper settlements their clients deserve.
Mr. Gralla has a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration and is certified in Texas and NY. He has performed volunteer work for various organizations including religious, civic, the Boy Scouts of America and the DFW Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Gralla is also an avid business networker and can be seen around the North Dallas area at many networking meetings and events.
He likes to consider himself a trusted professional and he tries to treat his clients like friends and family. When he meets new clients, he immediately tries to take them under his wing giving them advice and help. He considers himself a little different from the traditional CPA and when you meet him you will understand why. In his spare time he enjoys performing Improv Comedy and hopes to retire one day and become a stand-up comic. He has also driven all over the county by motorcycle and takes great pride in telling his motorcycle stories. If you have tax, accounting or business questions, Mr. Gralla is the person to contact. Give him a call and meet with him at his Frisco, Texas office.

Introduce Robert to:
1) individuals who would like to file good and proper tax returns,
2) individuals who are behind in their taxes,
3) businesses that suspect fraud,
4) divorce attorneys,
5) book keepers,
6) payroll service providers.
Categories: CPA, Financial Services
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Cell Phone: 214-725-7650 Website: Booking Link: Book Here

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Former Leadership – Emeritus Members
“A healthy mindset creates a healthy life.”

Success Coach
Goal Achievement
Lisa’s mission is to help stressed and burned out executives and business owners create balance in their lives, manage stress, and align their career with their values, passions, and strengths so they can lead their happiest, healthiest, and most successful life.

Lisa is a Success Coach that focuses on Mental Fitness, Goal Achievement, and Wellness. She’s also a TEDx Speaker and Author.

Lisa’s book “From Burnout to Best Life” encourages change, reminding you that you don’t have to tolerate a toxic work environment or settle for a mediocre existence.  In her book, Lisa Hammett shows you it is possible to move beyond burnout to a fulfilling, purpose driven life.  She gives you the blueprint to create positive change and inspires you to take action and create your fantastic best life.

Introduce Lisa to:
1) individuals who are ready to make healthier choices in their lives and need an accountability partner.
2) professionals who are experiencing a block and are unable to clear their minds and focus.
3) individuals who need help managing the stress in their lives
Categories: Success Coach, Wellness, Wellness Coach
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Veteran Services

Uniting the local Veteran community resources.
Introduce Paul to:
1) Veterans who might need assistance
2) Veterans and Patriots looking for volunteer opportunities
3) Individuals, Corporations and Organizations that might be interested in donating goods, services or funds to help the Veteran Community​
Categories: Nonprofit, Veteran Services
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“Changing lives through God’s love, grace & gratitude”

Grateful Gratitude Hearts Foundation is a ministry that strives every day to strengthen and build others through God’s love and practicing gratitude.  We offer hope, peace and empowerment to others that need to rebuild their faith and their life.  We place others first in means to serve God fully by loving our brothers and sisters no matter their circumstance or where they are in their journey.Our 501c3 nonprofit  raises money to give gratitude hearts to those suffering or others we would like to gift show our gratitude. Pictured above are just a few groups we have presented hearts to. Please contact us if you know a group that would benefit from receiving our hearts or if you would like to donate to our Grateful Gratitude Hearts Foundation. It is only $5 to sponsor one heart.

Introduce LoLo to:
1) individuals who need to find peace through God’s grace,
2) organizations that help those in need,
3) organizations and leaders who would like a public speaker to share the importace of gratitude​
Categories: Attitude Coach, Gratitude Coach, Nonprofit
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Cell Phone: 214-642-4301 Website:

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“Marketing your business to new residents!”

We are Housewarmers. Community is our Business! Business experts agree, “The best advertising is word of mouth.” Housewarmers believes so much in the adage that we built a business around it. Unlike any media or direct mail, the Housewarmers personally delivered Gift Bag is the standard in word-of-mouth marketing.
Every Housewarmers Gift Bag is designed to make a big impression to new residents in the community. Inside is a Sponsor Gift Book filled with a wide selection of money-saving Gift Certificates, gift items and information from local businesses who act as Sponsors, and a Community Guide filled with local information and listings of participating Sponsors. When our trained Greeters hand-deliver a Housewarmers Gift Bag, they are welcoming residents face-to-face in a friendly and informative way.
Introduce Linda to:
1) local business owners who would like to market to new residents
2) promotional item businesses to create items for housewarmers bags

Categories: Marketing
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Cell Phone: 214-418-9818 Website: Booking Link: Book Here

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“Helping you feel better so you can enjoy life more.”

Massage Therapy
Lymphatic Massage
Eric Olson, LMT is more than your typical massage therapist. Services include:
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Medical Grade Massage
  • Scar Tissue Massage
  • Prenatal & Maternity Massage
  • Breast Cancer and Preventative Massage
  • Scoliosis Massage
  • Keto Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Fibromyalgia Massage
  • Reiki / Healing Touch
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Repetitive Strain Injury Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Swedish Massage
  • Chair Massage Events
Eric’s technique has been compared to ART that increases circulation and release of toxins. Functional Massage… Unlike anything you have ever experienced! Let Eric help YOU… stop hurting… and start doing!
Introduce Eric to:
1) people who are in pain and need relief,
2) people who complain about family or friends that are in pain,
3) holistic healers who prefer all natural healing
Categories: Massage, Pain Management
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Cell Phone: 972-896-8956 Website:

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“Bringing light and hope for a victorious life.”

Life Coach
Pre-Marriage & Marriage Coach
Licensed Ziglar Choose to Win Coach
Award Winning Author
Keynote and Conference Speaker
Biblical Storyteller
Steve Reed is a certified life coach with nearly 30 years of experience.  He is skilled at identifying issues and peeling back the layers to get to the core of what’s holding people back.  It could be something someone said or did that caused you to build an artificial ceiling or roadblock.  Until the issue is identified, you will never reach your full potential.
Life Coaching: With the right coach-client relationship, new milestones can be achieved.  Whether it is in the area of relationships, communication, business,  health & fitness, marriage, or personal development, coaching can be what future thinking people need.
Ziglar Choose to Win Coaching: Why do you get up to do the things you do?  Are you building a business?  Building a network marketing business?  Private practice of some sort?  What drives you each day?  What are your dreams, desires and goals for your life?  What is the fruit you would like to see?  Have you ever stopped to ponder these questions?
Pre-Marriage & Marriage Coaching & Assessment: Marriage is one of our oldest institutions in existence. Sadly, too many people do not cherish this relationship as they should.  Too many people treat their marriage as either a temporary thing, until something better comes along, or they consider it to be disposable, like a plastic water bottle or a Solo cup.  When they are no longer “happy”, they throw that relationship away and look for a replacement.​​
Introduce Steve to:
1) individuals who have experienced a spiritual setback or life challenge,
2) individuals who are suffering from loss,
3) couples who are engaged to get married,
4) individuals or couples struggling in their marriage,
5) individuals who feel stuck and are ready for a change in their life,
6) business owners and entrepreurs who can’t seem to achieve their goals and are ready to reset their mind for greater success.
Categories: Executive Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Uncategorized
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Talk Show


My love for broadcast radio began when I was growing up in Chicagoland. One of my favorite radio hosts was Harry Porterfield, who did a regular feature about people in the city. This short segment stayed with me as I grew up and, after realizing a career in live theater was not my calling, I studied broadcasting at Indiana University in the mid-60s. While in college, I was an integral part of the I.U. Student Radio Network. Those were the days of spinning records live and reading the news and lists of where to attend protest rallies. My favorite disc at the time was the extended version of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly because it ran about 10 minutes. This allowed me enough time to get to the bathroom and back or to take a quick nap. I played that tune at least once every two hours!​​

After college, my radio career was put on hold because I had to report for military duty. While serving in Vietnam, I set up a “pirate” radio station in my battalion to play music, deliver the news and read letters from the troops. If this sounds familiar, it’s because I was doing what Adrian Cronauer did, only Cronauer was immortalized in the movie “Good Morning, Vietnam” starring Robin Williams.

Upon returning home, my broadcasting dreams took a backseat to a career in the women’s fashion retail arena, which was my family‘s business. That was until I retired and moved to Frisco, Texas, to be close to my grandson. Here I met Mark Wariner, the station owner and producer of KVGI radio. I approached Wariner to offer my services to write and record commercials; instead, Wariner, hearing my baritone voice, asked if I would be interested in hosting my own program.

Having waited for more than 50 years for an offer like that, I jumped at the chance and said that I would like to do a show called “Someone You Should Know.” I then started a second show “Something To Talk About.” Later, I brought in DFW Networking Diva Christine Deane as my new producer and I added the new talk shows “Trash Talk” with humorist Brandon Novara and “Opposite Saxes” with my wife Lauren.

Who knew that you could have this much fun in retirement??

Introduce Stuart to:
1) interesting people with a story to tell!
Categories: Marketing, Media, Talk Show Host
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Cell Phone: 972-523-3381 Website: Website:

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NMLS #281517

“I help finance your castle without all the hassle”

Residential Mortgage
For over 19 years, John Snell has been educating, counseling, and even inspiring couples and individuals to make wise financial decisions about their mortgage needs.
When working with John, you can count on the following:
  • Straight talk, honest answers, and a thorough education on the mortgage process
  • Availability after “bankers hours” and on weekends to fit your schedule
  • Guaranteed lender fees when most others offer only “estimates”
  • Attendance at your closing to ensure everything goes smoothly
  • A long list of references (good lenders have references, make sure you ask)
The process of obtaining a mortgage has become increasingly complex over the last two years. Whether it be harsh government regulations with unintended consequences or ever-tightening underwriting requirements, you cannot afford to trust anyone but a true professional to handle your financing needs. John is that professional.
Introduce John to:
1) individuals who are thinking about buying their first home,
2) families who are growing and need a larger home,
3) empty nesters who might want a smaller home,
4) individuals who are in debt and might want to refinance to consolidate those debts,
5) couples going through a divorce and need to refinance.
6) investors that purchase homes often for flipping.

Categories: Mortgage
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301 S. Cedar Dr Allen Texas 75002-2818 Work Phone: 214-495-9993 Website:

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“Remember that a goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Certified Financial Planner
CCPS Certified College Planning Specialist
CCFS Certified College Funding Specialist
An independent certified financial planner, Shirley’s areas of emphasis include retirement planning and transition, investment management, estate planning and insurance planning. Her goal is to help clients achieve a successful financial life.

Specialties include saving for college, late stage college funding, retirement planning, retirement transition, women and investing, and financial grief consulting.

Voted Star Local Media 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Best Financial Planner in the Allen/Fairview area. ​Voted Best Financial Planner by D Magazine 2020.
Introduce Shirley to individual and couples who:
1) want to save money for their children’s college,
2) want help with college planning including grants and scholarships,
3) want to plan for retirement,
4) are transitioning jobs and therefore changing retirement systems,
5) interested in estate planning,
6) single women looking for financial advice,
7) need to make sense out of the financial estate after experiencing the loss of a loved one.
Categories: CCFS Certified College Funding Specialist, CCPS Certified College Planning Specialist, Certified Financial Planner
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Cell Phone: 469-556-7007 Website:

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“We’ll get the drop on you with CBD!”

“Our high-grade Liposomal hemp extract outperforms other products thanks to smaller, more stable, single-layer spheres made from the highest-grade ingredients available. This extract is full of phyto-compounds classified as antioxidants and neuro-protectan.”

Introduce Zip to:
1) individuals who are interested in a holistic approach to health,
2) individuals who need help with aches and pains
3) individuals who are having trouble sleeping
4) individuals who want to lose weight
5) individuals who might be interested in alternative streams of income.
Categories: Pain Management, Wellness
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