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LoLo Roberts Lexie Montgomery

Grateful Gratitude
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“Changing lives through God’s love, grace & gratitude”

Grateful Gratitude Hearts Foundation is a ministry that strives every day to strengthen and build others through God’s love and practicing gratitude.  We offer hope, peace and empowerment to others that need to rebuild their faith and their life.  We place others first in means to serve God fully by loving our brothers and sisters no matter their circumstance or where they are in their journey.Our 501c3 nonprofit  raises money to give gratitude hearts to those suffering or others we would like to gift show our gratitude. Pictured above are just a few groups we have presented hearts to. Please contact us if you know a group that would benefit from receiving our hearts or if you would like to donate to our Grateful Gratitude Hearts Foundation. It is only $5 to sponsor one heart.

Introduce LoLo to:
1) individuals who need to find peace through God’s grace,
2) organizations that help those in need,
3) organizations and leaders who would like a public speaker to share the importace of gratitude​
Categories: Attitude Coach, Gratitude Coach, Nonprofit